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The help and support of people near and far has been invaluable ... spot your name coming soon!

In alphabetical order (and by no means complete)  ... Al, Amos, Andy, Barney, Bex, Bill, Billy,  Brian, Buzzard (the band), Claire, Clare, Comet, Dan, Dave, Dean, Dot, Doug, Ed, Egon, Eleanor, Freddy, Gazza, George, Giles, Gloucester Mike, Harry, Ian, Immy, Jenny and Tom, Jim, Joe, John and Jackie, John Dunsmoir, John Tilley, Keith, Kenny, Lewis, Link, Marie, Mark, the Maryport fishermen, Matt, Mattie, Michelle, M.D.L. and Security, M.P. Marine, Martin, Milo, Norm, Norman, Odd, Ollie, Peck, Peter, Ray,  Rodger, Roger, Ruth, Sean, Sheddy, Simon, Steve, Terry, Tim, Tony, Tor, Twent, Viv, Watson boys, Weaver, Wayne, Woody .......

The people and firms listed below are sponsors of our project and we are grateful for all the help received.  Thank You, Thank You.