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Julie has a doctorate in Family Sociology from the University of Cambridge and has written and edited respected books and research papers in this field.  She has a long-standing interest in ethics and cultural affairs.

Mike has a wide range of experiences including lumberjack/fisherman/ sawmill operator/ businessman, and an overriding passion for all things oceanic.  Born in Devon, he has lived in Canada for over 27 years.  He comes from Gabriola, one of British Columbia's Gulf Islands off the east coast of Vancouver Island.

They fell in love with the Flying Buzzard as soon as they saw her lying neglected in Maryport Harbour.  She represented the opportunity to realise a dream, and to make a difference to other people's lives - not least their own.  

They gave up their jobs/careers and income and, although never having taken on such a project before they have lived on board and done the majority of work themselves ... becoming Maryport's very own 'boat people' in the process!

The Flying Buzzard has continued one of the sea's great shipboard traditions, that of keeping a faithful ship's cat.  And also has the amazing Tug-boat Terrior, Toby.

Nellie�s her name; rodent patrol�s her game.

Resident Rodent Control Officer


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